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Video News Release India provides video news release services to the Public Relations & Public Affairs industry, Corporate Communication Professionals, Advertising, Event Management, Branding & Marketing agencies besides clients from the entire spectrum ranging from Corporate, Finance & Banking, FMCGs, Durables to Electronics to IT / Telecom to Aviation to Infrastructure to Politics to Films, Fashion & Lifestyle etc.

pillers mediatracks

What is a Video News Release (VNR)?

A Video News Releases (VNRs) is the visual equivalent of a press release in a ready to telecast, pre-packaged news capsule, distributed to the news departments of TV Channels, Online editions of Newspapers / Magazines, Web & News portals, various content sites, Youtube & Blogs etc to be telecast as a news item in a regularly scheduled newscast.

A video news release (VNR) a video segment (often about an organization or a new product) is made to look like a news report. They are provided to television newsrooms to shape public opinion, promote commercial products and services, publicize individuals, or support other interests with a distinct objective to put your company, product, or line of thought in a positive light and / or to inform & shape public opinion .

The Power of Video News Release

  • Video News Release helps you reach out to TV news channels across India which is otherwise not possible
  • According to Google Video / VNRs can help you make the coveted first page in search results
  • Your potential customers are 75% more likely to watch a News Video than read text.
  • The news capsule distributed will be accurate with all facts, figures, quotes etc. There is no chance of misreporting or misquoting as the news capsule will be produced in consultation with the client.
  • Helps you build your brand. It’s the Most Powerful Experiential Marketing tool
  • Helps you reach out to TV viewing audience across India
  • Journalist and bloggers are more apt to view an engaging video press release than read text press release
  • It has been universally acknowledged that visuals appeals more to the journalists as well as the viewers.
  • Video News Release is an excellent multi-channel marketing technique to capture all kind of audience from TV viewing to smartphone viewing audience.
  • Video News Release make it possible for PR Professionals & Businesses to get their messages across to journalists with news stories for local & national TV Channels, newspapers online editions in a more engaging way.