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Medium to make your news reach out to News channels across India

Video News Release generates more engagement, better response, enhances brand relationships, etc.

There’s no shortage of data reports and research papers outlining the relevance of video news release as the most authentic medium for generating electronic coverage.

VIDEO News Release – A medium must for your marketing campaigns

Our potential customers are 75% more likely to watch a Video News Release than read text.

The biggest challenge PR agencies & Clients today face is that:

  • Most of the news channels don’t come to cover the event due to various reasons
  • Also there is always a risk of being misreported, misquoted or negative reportage
  • Your text press release cannot be converted to video news release for the news channels.
  • Your potential customers are 75% more likely to watch an News Video than read text.
  • Your sure-fire gateway to reach out to TV viewing audience across India if for whatever reasons TV channels are not able to cover your news/event
  • Video News Releases (VNRs) are the only most effective way to reach the television-viewing audience while influencing media reporting of news/events.
  • Video News Release ( VNR ) or an Online Video is the key to the future success of your business. It can help differentiate you and your business from your competitors in a succinct format, that is easy to understand and comprehend.
  • VNR or a Web video / Online News Video is now considered to be a very powerful and inspiring experiential marketing tool to promote your businesses products & services 24/7.
  • Potential clients want fast & easy to understand information. With the right content, using video news release can be one of the most powerful marketing tools for any business to increase sales, profits & find new customers.
  • Online News video or Video News Release (VNR)  has clearly been around for a while & people are more receptive to the video now than ever before, so if you have not used a VNR before, now could be the right time to add video to your PR & Marketing activities.
  • Video has the ability to tell stories that quickly engage customers and can help build brand loyalty.
  • 55% of all internet users watch videos daily, while 78% watch videos weekly.
  • More viewers are turning to their mobile devices to watch content than ever before. Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. This has been evident with the evolution of smartphones’ larger screens to make viewing content easier.
  • According to the Visual Teaching Alliance, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text, so people often prefer video over text for its efficiency.
  • Most importantly in today’s media environment, people are much more likely to share video content on their social networks, giving brands and businesses a larger reach.
  • Social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined According to Bright Cove.